Student Video Announcements

Students at Charter Oak are constantly engaged in technology-rich learning opportunities as they exercise higher-level thinking on a regular basis. The video announcements help build a positive sense of community morale as students, families, and staff all share in conversations about what they see on the announcements. These videos showcase student reporters at all grade levels who interview other students who are living our IB Learner Profiles and Attitudes as role models for each other. They preview and review school events and provide discussion topics to help develop the home/school connection. Parents are encouraged to watch the video announcements at home with their children.

The video announcements also provide many learning opportunities for students to share Action, be inspired by thoughtful quotes and questions, learn about current events, hear from inspirational public figures, and they give an opportunity for students to hone their presentation skills. We make constant connections to literacy with discussions and activities about editing and revising. Together, we work on writing, reading fluency and expression, volume, clarity, as well as non-verbal communication including making eye contact and gesturing. We reflect on challenges and successes and set goals for future recordings. More than anything, the video announcements fill students with pride.


6/3/19- Peek at the Week- Dalila, Helena, Luis & Arseny

5/31/19- Week Wrap Up- Hailee, Kaylah, Nick & Sandy

5/29/19- Exhibition Challenge #4: Cancer- Mrs. Lizon's Class

5/24/19- Special Edition: Egg Drop Video #2

5/22/19- Exhibition Challenge #3: Animal Rights & Welfare- Mrs. Martin's Class

5/20/19- Peek at the Week- Kelty, Jamier, Anniyah & Izaiah

5/17/19- Week Wrap Up- Mia x2,  Evan, Za' Jira

5/15/19- Exhibition Challenge #2: Health & Exercise- Ms. Kendrigan's Class

5/13/19- Peek at the Week- Jaida, Frances, Ayden, Hailee & Paru

5/9/19-Week Wrap Up- Camden, Makai, Dylan, Aryana & Zhara

5/8/19- Exhibition Challenge #1: Sparks of Joy Around COIA - Ms. Robert's Class

5/6/19- Peek at the Week- Evana, Tyler, Kayden & Mia

5/3/19- Week Wrap Up- Kaitlyn, Liana, Derek & Brandon

5/1/19- Exhibition 2019 Promo 1

4/29/19- Peek at the Week- Christina, Brian & Stetson

4/26/19- Week Wrap Up- Alondra, Kai & Winslow

4/24/19- IB at Home- Eden, James & Valaria

4/17/19- Poem in Your Pocket Day Preview- Finley, Malena & Ben

4/6/19-Week Wrap Up- Cora, Aiden & Enzo

4/3/19- Gaby, Nicholas, Brandy & Ben - Special Guests: Celeste & Phoebe

4/1/19- Peek at the Week- Nick, Julianna & Katie

3/29/19- Announcing Some Special Additions to Morning Announcements with Mrs. Brown's Class!

3/27/19- Spring 2019 Family Academy Promo- Maya, Elijah & Reinel

3/20/19- World Down Syndrome Awareness Day- Nicholas & Michael

3/15/19- Week Wrap Up- Maylin, Janiel & Alex

3/13/19- COIA Action News- Izzy, Saniya, Ndaye & Elyse

3/11/19-  Peek at the Week- Amaia, Raphael & Fatima

3/7/19- Cultural Day Promo- Julian, Maya & Christina

3/5/19- Peek at the Week- Ashton, Reinel & Mohammed

2/28/19- IB at Home- Arycelli, Alaysia, Brandon

2/25/19- Peek at the Week- Cavin & Brianna

2/22/19- Week Wrap Up- Alex, Caylee & Emilio

2/15/19- Week Wrap Up- Will, Lamonet & Melody

2/8/19- Week Wrap Up- Samantha, Angel & Paryss

2/6/19- COIA Action News- Luke, Claire, Hawk, Angel & Nghi

2/4/19- Last Week's Wrap Up!- Owen & Trisha

1/30/19- COIA Action News - Amaia, Ashton, Simone, Isabella & Leo 

1/28/19- Peek at the Week- Ethan, Nghi & Aaron

1/25/19- Recap of our sessions with the "artist in residence" The Redhawk Singers and Dancers as part of the FWHPS Grant "Building Cultural Awareness of Indigenous Culture." 

1/22/19- FRC Play Promo

1/16/19- Action Wednesday- Kemily, Alyana, Aiden & Samaria

1/11/19- Peek at the Week- Ruby, Maya & Kareem 

1/9/19- Promo for Explorations Session 2- Lillian, Kelly, Ruby & Arnav

1/7/19- Peek at the Week- Ethan, Josie & Ray

1/4/19- Charter Oak and Conard Force & Motion Collaboration Project 2018

12/21/18- Week Wrap Up- Brooklyn, Khalil & Emma

12/19/18- December IB at Home- McKenna, Jacob & Maya

12/17/18- Peek at the Week- Nathalia, Aiden & Harry 

12/14/18- Week Wrap Up- Yandel, Adriana & Jonathan

12/12/18- COIA Action News: Waste Free Wednesday & PJ Day for the Kids at CCMC

12/10/18- Honoring Human Rights Day & Reflection on Our UN Visit- The COIA 5th Grade

11/30/18- Week Wrap Up- Blaise, Alyana & Angel 

11/28/18-A Promo for the Family Resource Center Sponsored Winter Family Academy- An, Matheus, & Kayla

11/21/18- We Are Grateful For... Kimayah, Christina & Duron

11/16/18- Week Wrap Up- Justin, Nayla & Manny

11/14/18- Sneak Peek at Fall Explorations 2018- Jonathan, Owen & Kemily

11/12/18- Peek at the Week- Ajha'nae, Vena & Ayden 

11/9/18-IB at Home Highlights for October- Selena, Amir & Leylani

11/2/18- Week Wrap Up- Sofia, Liam & Madison

10/31/18- Action Wednesday- Samaria, Caleb & Ajha'nae

10/29/18- Peek at the Week- Maya, Portia & Felix

10/26/18- Week Wrap Up- Jayme, Cameron & Vena

10/24/18- Grand Re-Opening of the School Store- Eli, An, Nicole, Daniel, Lasya

10/22/18- Peek at the Week- Miguel, Salene, Angelina, Lasya & Caio

10/19/18- Week Wrap Up- Lasya & Amya

10/17/18- Keeping Sustainability Going at COIA: Waste Audit Intro- Lilly, Jayvias & Lasya

10/12/18- Global Read Aloud at COIA- Amya, Ah'Larri & Maya

10/10/18- Charter Oak News- Diego, Keiliany & Julian 

10/5/18- Week Wrap Up- Matthew, Mina & Kevin

10/3/18- IB at Home- Nate, Lilly & Daniel

9/28/18- Week Wrap Up- Nicole, Caio & Salene

9/26/18- Special Edition: The Literary Magazine is BACK! - Delia, Samaria & Jayme

9/24/18- Peek at the Week: Davih, Tifany & Mikey

9/21/18- Week Wrap Up: Julianna, Misael & Chimka

9/17/18- Peek at the Week: Cooper, Davih & Aidan

9/14/18- Charter Oak News: Meet Our New Classroom Teachers & A New Mindful Space at COIA!- Lucas, Delia & Taylor

9/12/18- Charter Oak News: Curriculum Night Promo & Meet Some New Faces of COIA!- Victorya, Lennox & Emily

9/7/18- A Behind the Scenes Look at the COIA Video Announcements - Oneil, Faye & Pace